What Is turquoise?

One of the most important and most sought after ancient gemstones that exists.

Typically used for jewelry, and belt buckles. If you have not noticed yet, pay close attention to others jewelry. Especially mens gemstone jewelry.

Turquoise is a great masculine jewelry piece and expression.

This gemstone is most popular in African, Persian, and Native American civilizations.

Turquoise is a mineral that contains copper and aluminum. It is also rare and valuable.

Its color is typically blue, blue-green, and green.

Fun Facts

Turquoise is one of few minerals that have been so popular that the name of the mineral has also been used to describe the color. Other minerals that have this fact about them are gold, silver, and copper.

There are over a dozen different kinds of turquoise stones. They are typically named after the location found in. Click here to learn more about all of the different turquoise stones.

Metaphysical properties

Turquoise is a highly intuitive stone, meaning that when one is actively meditating with it it opens up a realm of intuitive thinking. A way to connect with ones highest self while still in the physical human form.

This stone is in America, Iran, Egypt, and Mexico. In America, one could find turquoise stones in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Other than having turquoise, the mining locations all have another commonality; they are all between 3,000 and 8,500 feet and typically dry climates.

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Here is a list of turquoise mining locations in the United States:

1. High desert gems and minerals

Hawthorne, Nevada

$100 day fee & 4x4 required

open to public

2. Turquoise mine tours — Otteson Brothers Turquoise

Tonopah, Nevada

half day $150 per person, kids dig free

full day $300 per person or $500 for couple, kids dig free


After extensive research, these two mines (high desert gems and minerals, and Otteson Brothers) were the only that accept public diggers. The reason that some mines are closed to the public now is because of the cost of liability. The cost of digging for turquoise is already high, and if they had to increase the cost of insurance, then the cost for digging would have to go up as well.

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