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This time we are talking about the beautifully fragrant purple flower lavender (also known as Lavandula).

There are many uses

Check it out!...

  1. Insect repellant ( rub lavender on your skin)

  2. Reduce anxiety by transmitting signals to the brain (open bag and pour contents into an air tight container, and take deep breaths as needed)

  3. Cooking ( as a garnish, or to mix into baking)

  4. Sleep aid (place the bag of lavender under your pillow)

  5. Drawer freshener (put bag into your drawers to keep clean clothes fresh)

  6. Laundry freshener ( pop the bag of lavender into your dryer, and refill as needed)

We want to hear your feedback!

Do you use dried lavender?

What are your favorite ways to use dried lavender?

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