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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Ancient Greek philosophy explains that there are seven ways to love. Eros (romantic/ passionate love), ludus (playful/ romantic love), philautia (self-love), storge (unconditional familial love), pragma (committed companionate love), philia (intimate/ authentic friendship), and AGAPE (empathetic/ universal).

Pictured above: Classic AGAPE feminine necklace. Metal: 14 karat Rose Gold Filled long beads, 14 karat Gold filled hearts. Crystal: Rose Quartz

What does AGAPE mean to Lovely Life Jewelry Company?

Lovely Life Jewelry Company was founded from a place of empathetic and universal love. Travel around the world, and one will undoubtedly find that we are all ONE. One with nature, one with each other. Witnessing the love that others practice in their daily lives around the world as a culture naturally urged us to introspect and figure out what exactly love is.

We figured out what love is and then we figured out what AGAPE is

AGAPE is Universal.

AGAPE is Unspoken.

AGAPE is Divine.

AGAPE is Us.

Pictured above: Minimal AGAPE feminine necklace. Metal: 14 karat Gold Filled long beads, 14 karat Rose Gold Filled Round Beads. Crystals: Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz.

What is the AGAPE collection?

The handcrafted AGAPE collection consists of a feminine and a masculine design.

Then choose your design, metal, and crystal gemstone.

1. Feminine

- Duo: Necklace (minimal or classic) + Bracelet

- Trifecta: Necklace (minimal or classic) + Bracelet + Ring

2. Masculine

- Duo : Necklace + Bracelet

Pictured above: AGAPE trifecta feminine (Metal: 14 karat Rose Gold filled, Crystal: Rose Quartz, Classic necklace, ring, and bracelet)

You can find all items by clicking on the "Jewelry" tab at the top of the page.

** Pictured are all feminine designs**

Which Greek term for love resonates with you?

(Add a comment, and let us know. We would love to handcraft a piece inspired by YOU)

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