Raw Uncut Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to #elegance, Lovely Life has a great way to provide. We are proud to announce the launch of our Raw #Diamond jewelry.

Raw Uncut White Diamonds

Lovely Life is proud to announce our launch of raw and uncut white #diamonds.

Ethical Stance:

  • All diamonds used are in full compliance of the Kimberley Law

  • Ethically sourced

  • Fair traded

White diamond and 14 karat white gold bracelet named "ELITIST"

Pictured above: (Left) white diamond and 14 karat white gold clasp bracelet named "ELITIST"; (Middle) white diamond, green aventurine, and 14 karat rose gold clasp necklace named "SELECTIVE"; (Right) white diamond tigers eye and 14k gold clasp bracelet named "EXCLUSIVE"

The Four Cs

When it comes to diamond jewelry, many buyers use the four cs to help them make a decision. The four Cs are; carat, color, cut, and clarity.

The diamonds used for Lovely Life jewelry are raw uncut diamonds. These little diamond pieces are extremely bright, and the scintillation is amazing.

More info...

Visit our youtube channel

There you will find videos of how we handcraft our diamond pieces.

Thank you for reading :)

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