Black Tourmaline AKA "Schorl"

Affirmation for Black Tourmaline: I am always protected in every realm, and I repel negative energy.


Grounding stone that is slightly magnetized because of the high levels of iron within. It has been known to protect the mental and create an energetic boundary between you and the unwanted energies of others.


Known as a "pyroelectric" stone, which means that it is electrically charged when heated. It is also known as the "electric stone", because in any form, it can still hold an electric current.

Energetic healing:

Used as a talisman (a stone that is used, because it is known to have power or to bring good luck), this stone is known to help with grounding. Which is to bring an electrical connection from human, to the earth.

Combined with the natural mineral mica, the effect could have the power to return ill-wishing to its source so the perpetrator learns from it.

Other knowledge:

There are 10 other kinds of tourmaline.

1. Blue "indicolite"

2. Brown " dravite"

3. Colorless "achroite"

4. Green "verdelite"

5. Multicolored gem "Elbaite"

6. Pink

7. Purple-Violet

8. Red "rubellite"

9. Watermelon

10. Yellow

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