Metals Galore: 14 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Rose Gold, .925 Sterling Silver

Shopping for jewelry can be quite the task, especially with all of the amazing metal options. Not to mention the problems with wearing jewelry that causes irritation on the skin it is in contact with. You find a cute item, and realize, while you are out and about, that you are allergic to it!

Luckily for you...

Lovely Life understands the task of finding perfect jewelry pieces, and we personally choose the best metal options.

Three types of metal that we are happy to provide to you:

  1. 14 Karat Gold - This karat of gold is the best option for jewelry, because it is not as malleable (bendy) as higher karats. While it is true the higher the karat, the purer the gold, it is also true that the higher the karat the less durable the jewelry piece is. Which is why we decided that 14 karat gold is, hands down, the best option for our Lovely Life customers. <3

  2. 14 Karat Rose Gold - The best karat option for rose gold jewelry is 14 karat. This is the option with the right amount of copper to gold ratio to make that beautiful rosy pink color. This is one of our loyal customers favorite option!

  3. .925 Sterling Silver - Silver that is .925 has a low tarnish rate than other options, which is why we chose this metal for you. It shines perfectly and is durable for everyday jewelry wear. The newest addition to Lovely Life collection, and we are excited to make more pieces with .925 sterling silver.

  4. 14 Karat White Gold - White gold is rare, however we have found a way to provide! Ask and you shall receive.

  5. More options coming soon upon request and as our company grows (:

Every item is filled with the selected metal.

Q: What does that mean exactly?

A: There are no plated items here.

Order 14 karat gold jewelry, and you will receive 14 karat gold filled jewelry. This style helps us guarantee the best possible quality provided to every single customer. We really do care about you.

Q: What does a "filled" item entail?

A: When we mention 14 karat gold filled, 14 karat rose gold filled, and .925 sterling silver filled, we are mentioning the components inside the pieces used for the jewelry, all the way from the beads to the clasps.

Our jewelry is special in that we choose to select items that are filled with quality.

Any other questions that may arise, please feel free to email, comment, or message us (:

Lovely Life is a company that started in 2018.

Our mission is to provide the best quality of customer service, and jewelry to the world one interaction and order at a time.

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We attend local farmers markets, check out our instagram page to keep up with our pop-ups.

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